I would love to hear from you. Please email me for commission inquiries or any questions you have about my work.

Slide "Everything is beautifully fashioned carved from invisibly joined pieces of wood...European and American sculptors have struggled with the concept of color. Few risk hues as intense and central to the meaning of their work as Spicer and fewer still do it as effectively as she." Robin Rice, City Paper
Slide "...Each piece generates a flowing movement, lightness and a strong sense of joie de vive..." Ed Sozanski, Philadelphia Inquirer Slide "...They don't sing, but they seduce with supple Technicolor allure. And, inexorably, they grow...bursting with fecundity." Robin Rice, City Paper Slide "Combining images of plants and hand tools might sound like an unlikely way to produce aesthetic synergy. Kathleen Spicer makes this recipe work not just adequately, but splendidly." Philadelphia Inquirer
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